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The VistaCapture software suite is the solution for rapid development of data capture applications. Most of the functionality you’ll need is right in the tool, keeping coding to a minimum. And since it uses universally recognized languages such as Microsoft’s Visual Basic®, you don’t need to hire specially trained programmers. VistaCapture is flexible enough to be used in applications for all of the following:

  • Forms-dependent financial transactions;
  • Service needs of customers and business partners;
  • Paper and forms-dependent business processes;
  • Internet and electronic commerce. (VistaCapture is “web-ready.”)

VistaCapture technology conforms to the needs of your organization. Here’s what that means on a daily basis:

  • It’s flexible. VistaCapture is easy to develop and use with all of your current processes because you can fine-tune it to suit your needs. Use VistaCapture to handle your existing forms or optimize your data capture process by using redesigned forms.
  • It’s intelligent. Through intelligent handling and routing of electronic documents, VistaCapture virtually eliminates lost documents.
  • It’s open. With its open, non-proprietary technology, VistaCapture requires less training for developers and system managers making application and personnel changes easier and less costly.
  • It’s easy. VistaCapture’s highly functional, user-friendly interface keeps operator training and fatigue to a minimum.

A Flexible Solution

VistaCapture is a comprehensive suite of ActiveX® controls designed for the Visual Basic development environment. Because it’s an open, standards-based solution, you can quickly adapt it to the precise data capture applications you need and integrate it with your other information systems.

Easy to Use, Test and Deploy

VistaCapture is a solution with a built-in path for real-time testing as well as for change and evolution. It’s easy to use and develop in-house, so data capture applications can be implemented without costly interruptions, retraining and revising. And you can test your applications interactively as you develop them.

Prepare for the Future

VistaCapture’s open system uses Visual Basic and ActiveX technology for easy integration with other tools on the market. It has built-in capabilities for color imaging applications. Through ActiveX control technology, you can extend applications to electronic data on the Internet, as well as electronic commerce transactions.