Viking Software Solutions

VDE+ Images

VDE+Images combines the best features of Viking ImagEntry and VDE data entry software—you can key from both images and paper with one software package. Using VDE+Images reduce costs and increases accuracy of data, whether captured from images or paper. No matter how your data is stored, your data entry operators use the same interface and features, increasing productivity and reducing training time and errors.

VDE+Images’ open architecture make it easy to integrate with any document imaging system.

Key Features

  • Key from images of unstructured documents.
  • Organize data efficiently using multiple relationships between images and data records.
  • Manipulate images with hot keys, to locate data quickly.
  • Group images into sets to identify images of a multi-page document or the beginning/ending of file folders.
  • Open architecture and flexible design.
  • Customize to tailor to your business needs using the optional API.

The design of VDE+Images streamlines the data entry process, and rates of VDE+Images users are typically much higher than average power/precision rate of 11,600 keystrokes per hour.

Version 4.7 is now available. To learn more, visit our News page.