Viking Software Solutions

Data Entry Product Training

Course Descriptions

VDE—Covers the Viking Data Entry (VDE) software system as it can be used and modified by non-programmers. Designed for the those responsible for developing data entry applications. Includes “hands-on” instruction using the VDE Program, Forms Painter, Option Files Definer, File Conversion Utility, and Supervisor Utilities. If students are licensed for VDE+Images, this course will also cover the Key-from-Image module, Image Viewer, Image Definition File Utility, and the Batch Loader program. (A course for the DOS/UNIX/VMS version is available through special arrangement.)

IE—Covers the ImagEntry system as it can be used and modified by non-programmers. Designed for application developers. Includes “hands-on” instruction in using ImagEntry, Forms Painter, Class Definition Utility, Class Options Definer, and Administrator Utilities.

API —Covers the modifications that can be made to VDE or ImagEntry through the Application Programming Interface. Topics include User Exits, Viking Subroutine Calls, Field Edit Routines, and Programmer Utilities. Prerequisites: VDE course and programming experience with C or other supported language. This course is only available as an on-site class or through special arrangement.

Other Information

  • Tuition for 3-day course at Viking offices: $1,200/student
  • Prerequisite for all courses: basic knowledge of the applicable operating system.
  • Contact Viking to enroll or to obtain information and pricing for on-site training.