Viking Software Solutions


Viking Software develops, sells and supports products that help enterprises capture and manage their data.

All of Viking’s solutions are:

  • Designed with open architectures that allow easy integration with virtually any imaging system. It is also easy to build data feeds to and from Viking’s products.
  • Easy to use. They don’t require extensive training and a lot of ongoing consulting. Once the initial setup is complete, businesses can make changes and updates to their processes without the need for professional services.
  • Supported by Viking’s Customer Care Group, which provides the industry’s best technical support. Your calls are answered by a local Viking employee who is an expert in the use and configuration of your software.

Our products include:

Core Data Entry Products

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ImagEntry® allows rapid and accurate keying from images of structured documents.  ImagEntry is frequently used for indexing document images as an on ramp for document processing and lifting data from images such as medical claims, credit applications, and other forms related to data processing applications. The latest version includes a feature called Record Level Verify, a double-key compare process, which increases accuracy. After the first operator keys the batch, a second keys it again independently. If the two files don’t match, Record-Level Verify flags the batch for a third pass, and a third operator resolves the discrepancies. ImagEntry can enhance the quality assurance component of document management systems.


VDE® offers traditional heads-down data entry from paper documents. VDE is widely used to supplement key-from-image processes for documents that are damaged or unreadable. It comes with VDE+Images for a seamless user experience.

Key-from-image and key-from-paper

VDE+Images® offers rapid and accurate data entry from paper or images, where documents are unstructured or arrive in unpredictable order, such as wholesale lockbox and land title records. For images of unstructured documents that need OCR/ICR results corrected and verified, VDE+Images is affordable and leads to near 100% accurate data, metadata, or index information.

Key-from-paper for Linux/Unix

Viking Data Entry System 3.82 (for Linux/Unix) supports the following hardware and operating systems:

  • Red Hat Linux 7.0 or later (VDE Version 3.82)
  • IBM RS/6000, AIX
  • Compaq Unix
  • Sun Solaris 2
  • AT&T System V Release 4
  • Other UNIX Variants based on AT&T System V Release 4
  • HPUX

The Viking software products occupy approximately 10MB of disk space. In Unix environments, we recommend that the processor include 1/2 MB of memory per user in excess of the memory requirements of the operating system and other application software packages concurrently operating on the CPU.

Programming interfaces

API & Portal—API is an Application Programming Interface that enables programmers to customize VDE+Images, ImagEntry, or VDE. It is what makes Viking’s “best of breed” integration possible. API supports C++ coding to add a feature-rich user interface to in-house system processes. Portal is an API for non-Windows platforms (e.g., DOS, Unix, Linux, VMS, AIX, etc.). Portal can be used to enhance VDE or to write stand-alone applications.

Other Products

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Document Management

DocWise® is a sophisticated component-based document management solution. It stores virtually all types of electronic files as objects, with a predefined structure so that they can be retrieved quickly by multiple users.

Claims Processing

ImageMC++® is an advanced health claims processing solution designed to maximize the auto-adjudication of claims and improve the efficiency of customer service functions.


VSM®is easy-to-use software for SCSI-based scanners that produces batched, key-ready digital images from your paper documents. VSM works with a number of scanners.

Visual Basic Data Capture Development

VistaCapture® is a development system for rapid development of data capture applications. Most of the functionality you’ll need is right in the tool, keeping coding to a minimum. Since it uses universally recognized languages such as Microsoft’s Visual Basic, you don’t need to hire trained programmers.