Viking Software Solutions

Customer Care

If I had the legendary Genie at hand in a bottle and could wish anything for the software world, it would be that every company would match your level of service.

—Patrick McMonagle, Office Computer Works, Inc.

Viking is committed to providing superb customer service. We solve 97% of all problems in ONE HOUR!

  1. Customer Care is our number one priority. We started Viking Software after running a data entry service bureau and experiencing poor quality support from software vendors. We wanted to create a company that would reflect our values and become something we can be proud of. We do that by making the needs of our customers our first concern.
  2. We start with excellent telephone technical support. Users are transferred immediately to a Customer Care Group (CCG) person if one is available. If no one is available, someone from CCG returns the call as soon as possible. Usually calls are returned within the hour—frequently within a few minutes.
  3. Our Customer Care Group is staffed in part by the developers who create the products. When customers call, they can talk to someone who really knows the product as well as data entry techniques and applications.
  4. Because our developers are in constant contact with the customers, they are always aware of the need for enhancements and improvements. This is what drives our new releases.
  5. The need to keep CCG support calls to a manageable level (and allow our developers time to work on developing the products) has driven us to make our software easier to use and easier to install. It has also encouraged us to create better documentation. In recent years we have been very successful in this endeavor. We now put more effort into producing the documentation and on-line help than in the actual programming of new features.
  6. All of this attention and response to our customers’ needs has resulted in a very stable product line. The majority of calls to our CCG staff actually involve requests for ideas and suggestions rather than error reports.
  7. Our Customer Care Group also helps people solve more generic data entry problems. We have decades of experience with data entry and like to help our customers find the most effective solutions. Many times our CCG staff will help customers design jobs to fit particular requirements or share some techniques that have worked for other customers with similar situations. We are always happy to give our customers the boost they need to get a project started.
  8. If the problem is a bug (Heaven forbid!) finding the fix and getting a patch to the customer is high priority. If there is no workaround and the bug is causing difficulties for the customer, then the fix becomes the highest priority item.
  9. At Viking, we want our customers to be self-sufficient. We don’t want them to have to wait several days, or pay high consulting rates, for simple changes to their applications. That’s why we design our software to be so easy to use that the data entry supervisor should be able to create and maintain data entry jobs. Even though we are available to help customers convert old jobs or set up new applications, we make sure they learn to use our products so they can maintain them in-house.
  10. We believe that if we take care of our customers, they will take care of us. Over the years, most of our business has come from word-of-mouth. People tell their friends and associates about us and what a great job we did for them. Many times, customers who have moved to a new company will recommend Viking’s products and services to their new employers. So in the long run the customer’s best interests coincide with ours.